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Fuhai Group New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fuhai Group) is a large-scale energy and chemical enterprise integrating petrochemical, coal chemical, new chemical materials, logistics & distribution, terminal retails, and real estate business. It has won the honorary titles of the 19th National Quality Award, the National High-tech Enterprise, and National Green Factory among others. As one of top 500 enterprises in China, Fuhai Group is committed to building a low-carbon and energy-saving industry chain and a safe, green, smart, open, and responsible energy and chemical platform, leading and promoting the development of the industry, and forming a stable and harmonious development community with related parties.

Fuhai Group invests hugely in developing energy and chemical industry. Relying on the two production bases, namely, Dongying Hualian Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Dongying United Petrochemical Co., Ltd., it adopts internationally leading technology to process and produce high-end quality gasoline and diesel products, with more than 10,000 dealers at home and abroad, more than 600 self-built, franchised, and cooperative oil and gas stations, and over 2,000 hazardous chemical transportation vehicles, and an annual transportation capacity of 20 million tons.

Following the development concept of "focusing on main businesses, platform empowerment, competition & cooperation symbiosis, and high-end brand", Fuhai Group is now making all-out efforts to carry out the “Bohai Bay Greater Bay Area” strategy, open up the aromatic hydrocarbon and olefins industry chain, and enter the field of new chemical materials. The 2 million t/a paraxylene project in Dongying port is the only aromatic hydrocarbon project in Shandong province that is listed in the national Planning and Layout of Petrochemical Industry, and the phase I and phase II of the project have gone into production in September 2020 and November 2022 respectively; the 2.5 million t/a PTA project, as one of the key projects in Shandong province, has gone into production and met the planned profit goal, and it all fills the gap in the production of pure terephthalic acid in Shandong province. The planned polyester packaging material projects in the Dongying Port New Material Industrial Park is aimed to extend the aromatics industry chain, and upon completion it will complete the "refining-aromatic-polyester" chain.

As a mean to promote the innovation-driven strategy, Fuhai established the Fuhai Research Institute and a scientific and technological innovation system integrating basic research, engineering development, and product application research and development. The institute has set up R&D bases in Dongying and Shanghai respectively, which work to build a value chain combining production and research that extends from basic chemical raw materials, key monomers, high-performance polymers to terminal application development, with focus on introducing cutting-edge technologies regarding fully biodegradable plastics, special engineering plastics, differentiated polyesters, functional polymers, special fibers and films, etc., and making breakthroughs in the key technologies for organic synthesis, polymerization and polymer modification.

Integrate advantageous resources and make scientific and technological innovations. Fuhai Group will firmly pursue the integration of refining and petrochemical, work hand in hand with domestic and foreign partners, and strive to become an integrator at the top of the value chain and a creator of high added value in the field of energy and chemical industry, and build a professional, intensive, and high-end energy and chemical industry group with a value of 100 billion yuan.

Top 500 Chinese Enterprises
Over 6,000 Employees
Over 600 Self-built, Franchised and Cooperative Oil and Gas Stations
Over 2,000 Hazardous Chemicals Transportation Vehicles
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