New Chemical Materials

Guided by the innovation-driven strategy, we established the Fuhai Research Institute in 2019 and the R&D bases in Dongying and Shanghai in 2021, which are equipped with a team of scientific research experts who once worked for global top 100 industrial enterprises and world leading-level scientific research facilities for organic synthesis, polymerization, processing and molding, analysis and testing, etc. Up to now, we have applied for more than 100 patents, among which more than 50 are invention patents. In the future, Fuhai Research Institute will make every effort to develop a whole industry chain that ranges from raw materials, key monomers, high-performance polymers to end use, with focus on the technological innovation for new high-performance materials, the cutting-edge technologies for producing fully biodegradable plastics, special engineering plastics, differentiated polyesters, functional polymers, special fibers and films, key monomers, modified plastics, etc., in hope to provide new material solutions for making our life more beautiful, comfortable, and convenient.

Industrial consumption
Fuhai’s new chemical materials are widely used in the fields of water treatment, valves, pipe fittings, instruments, and tools, where it provides low-cost, environmentally friendly, and safe solutions for downstream industrial customers.
Electronic appliances
Fuhai’s new chemical materials can meet the various demands for the appearance, performance, safety, and eco-efficiency of electronic and electrical products; with these materials, the electronic appliances will get outstanding insulation, flame resistance, and temperature resistance and longer service life.
Motor traffic
Fuhai’s new chemical materials make it possible to provide overall solutions for the exterior parts, interior parts, and structural parts of cars and also help to promote the development of lightweight cars.
Household appliances
Fuhai’s new chemical materials can meet the various demands for the appearance texture, color choice, and surface gloss of household appliances, and at the same time they are safe to health and can be used for special purposes.
Health and medical care
Fuhai’s medical polymer materials are mainly used in hemodialysis membranes, medical instruments, rehabilitation equipment, etc. and can be used as the alternative for certain imported medical materials, thus filling the gap in China.
Green life
Fuhai’s new chemical materials are aimed for green development, and Fuhai has launched biodegradable materials and recycled plastics that help to reduce white pollution and carbon emissions.