Building Centennial FUHAI   Create a Better Life Together
Builds Fuhai into a dynamic century-old enterprise, takes serving the country as its own duty, and makes contributions to promote social progress; Continues to provide green products, health products and quality services, using them to bring good experience to consumers, to make every Fuhai people and their family live a high-quality life of material and spiritual wealth; Unites all the forces that can be united, creates value, shares value, let customers have a sense of family, let suppliers and partners have a sense of gain, and guides and drives the progress of the industry, and contribute to the society.
Optimizing Resources Green Development Be the most Competitive Energy and Chemical Platform Enterprises
Integrates and optimizes the resources consistent with the strategic layout, forming a 1 + 1> 2 competitive force; Takes the road of sustainable development, builds a low-carbon and energy-saving industry chain, and provides clean energy products and environmentally friendly chemical materials; Builds a safe, green, intelligent, open and responsible energy and chemical industry platform, leads and promotes the development of the industry, and forms a stable and harmonious development community with related parties.
Core Values
Values and rewards the employees who identify with Fuhai culture, have professional skills, can work creatively and make contributions to the enterprise; Values and rewards the shareholders, customers and partners who grow together with Fuhai; Values and gives back to the social organizations and friendly people who help and support Fuhai's development.
Products genuine and price fair, cooperation in good faith; Leaders are responsible and committed; Every FUHAI people treats each other with sincerity and abides by the rules.
Establishes the spirit of innovation, creates the innovation atmosphere, and forms the general trend of innovation; Establishes the innovation mechanism: everyone envies the innovators and everyone plays the subjective initiative; Enhances innovation capacity, activates development potential, and enhances market competitiveness.
A learning team with centripetal force and execution force; A value-based team with innovation and performance-seeking ; A fighting team with responsible mission and common dreams.
Enterprise Spirit
Beyond Self Everyday Pursuing Excellence at all Times
Keeps the passion, does not satisfied with the current situation, and dares to break through; Learns with diligent attitude, continues to improve ourselves, and contributes greater value; Works hard, never slack off, never stops, constantly creates, pursues higher goals, and realizes the vision of the individual and the organization.
Enterprise style
Pragmatism Efficiency
Pragmatic:Pay attention to practicality, seek truth from facts, and treat people and things with an objective and fair attitude. Efficient:Execute immediately, simplify the complexity, and take action with roughly the correct direction.
Stories of Fuhai
These Guys Are Reliable. They’re Doers!

"Fire station? A double-row truck is on fire. Send a fire truck to West Port, No.3 Road. Immediately! "At 17:00 on April 22, the fire Station of Fuhai Lianhe Petrochemical received an emergency rescue call.

Back then, a double-row truck full of waste wooden boxes and plastic cover cloth suddenly caught fire on the West Port No.3 Road, Dongying Port. The fire was spreading, and the scorching air and choking smoke made it impossible to get near.

"Unrelated people leave quickly!"

"First remove the wooden boxes and cover cloths that are on fire!"


Among the crowd passing by, a middle-aged man in his forties ran and shouted, rushing towards the burning vehicle. His name is Chen Lei, the chief engineer of the HSE management department of Fuhai United Petrochemical. He had 22 years of experience in fire emergency response, which enabled him to deal with the crisis at once.

Hearing the shout, the driver recovered from the panic, joined Chen Lei to pick up the wooden sticks to push the waste materials on the rear plate of the truck out one by one. At this time, other workers driving vehicles passing by, including Ding Xiangwei from the storage and transportation workshop and Liu Te from the phase III project department, noticed the spreading fire and helped with unloading the flammable materials on the rear plate of the truck.

"Keep driving forward. Keep the fuel tank and tires away from the fire!" Looking at the fire in front of him, Chen Lei realized that the first thing is to prevent the truck from burning, especially, keep the fuel tank from exploding.

Under Chen Lei's commanding, the truck moved out of the fire twice, yet the fire grew stronger under the sea wind. Seeing this, Chen Lei called the nearest fire brigade for help. Ding Xiangwei and other people took off the vehicle-mounted fire extinguishers and sprayed at the fire source. However, the fire extinguishers were not enough to put out the fire since too many materials were already on fire and fire was strong.

The on-duty man who received the call immediately reported to the squad leader Guo Chengcheng and sounded the alarm bell. In less than a minute, a dry powder and foam fire truck and five firefighters were fully armed and rushed to the accident site for rescue.

"Two firefighters put out the fire with water cannons, and others break down the source of the fire." They separate in two teams as soon as they arrive at the site. One team quickly unfolded the fire hose and aimed it at the burning area; the other took the fire hooks to reach out to the burning materials, trying to get them dismantled. In just a few minutes, the raging fire was put under control effectively, and all personnel and vehicles on site were safe. There was no affect to surrounding pipeline corridors, greenery, and other facilities.

"Many thanks to you. I can’t imagine what would become of if you didn’t come to help timely." Two days later, Jiangsu Yanxin Company, whose losses had been recovered, send the banner to Fuhai to express thanks to the firefighters for their act of righteous courage.

“They are doers!”

“Fuhai people are reliable!”

To them, such recognition is the highest award.

Post-95 Generation "National Award Girl" Shining
When the Post-95 Generation, a new generation of young people who chase the light at the beginning of their careers, take root in Fuhai, break stereotypes, tear off inherent labels, struggle to run on the track of youth and shine in the field of love.
Fuhai Story | A Different Winter at the Temperature of -36℃
Leishi (Stone Pile) Village, as its name suggests, set with stone piles and barren lands, is close to Linyi City Investment Fuhai LNG storage and peak-regulation station.
Not Only Our Products Recognized
One car, three people, ten cities, twenty-two gas stations, two thousand and seven hundred kilometers - this is the imprint left by Hualian Petrochemical's one-week oil product index testing service. Today, let's follow the footsteps of quality service and walk into their stories.