To further extend the Group's industry chain, Fuhai Holding plans to build a 1 million t/a project to produce differentiated olefin products with diversified raw materials in Caofeidian Petrochemical Industrial Base Annual diversified raw material to olefin project, including an ethylene plant and downstream product plants using naphtha, propane, and butane as raw materials. The project will cover a large part of the industry chain and deliver a wide range of products, with sales coverage reaching key consumer markets such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, North China, and East China. Meanwhile, the project possesses a number of advantages, such as high technology, high added value of products, low energy consumption, low greenhouse gas emissions, and differentiated development of downstream products. Once put in operation, the project will be a driving force for Caofeidian Petrochemical Industrial Base to upgrade and optimize the olefins industry chain, improve the ethylene production in Hebei province, and promote the overall development of the petrochemical industry in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.
Main products
Relying on the internationally advanced slurry process, the products are of high tensile strength and strong puncture and tear resistance and can be used for film, packaging material, container, pipe, monofilament, wire, cable, etc.
Produced by using emulsion grafting-bulk SAN blending process, the products are of a wide variety and high quality and can be applied in many sectors such as extrusion, anti-flaming, heat resistance, electroplating, and injection molding.
Polyether polyol
Produced by using the domestically advanced polymetallic cyanide catalytic synthesis process, the low unsaturation polyether products we produce are of better quality than those produced from the traditional alkali catalytic process and can be used for high load polyurethane elastomer.
Produced by using the propylene ammonia oxidation process that is mature and advanced both at home and abroad, the products are of high propylene conversion and high quality, and therefore they are an important raw material for synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and can also be used for acrylic fiber, carbon fiber, ABS, acrylamide, etc.
Produced by using the internationally advanced PO/SM co-production technology, the plant has lower energy consumption and is safer and more eco-friendly, and the products have stable quality and can be further processed to produce PS, EPS, ABS, etc.