Guiding Principle
We must keep up with the general trend of the new round of global technological innovation and industrial revolution, promote the high-quality development of the Group, and enhance the core competitiveness of the Group, with focus being put on innovation, green, low-carbon, and digital transformation. In the meantime, we must introduce industry-leading talents, implement the innovation-driven development strategy, green, low-carbon, and sustainable development strategy, and digital intelligent transformation development strategy, and make continuous efforts to enhance the competitiveness, production efficiency, and economic efficiency of the Group. Through these efforts, we will see the core competitiveness of the Group grows constantly and the brand influence increases significantly.
Strategic Blueprint
Long-term development strategy: Focusing on main businesses, innovation driven, competition & cooperation symbiosis, and high-end brand. With the Bohai Bay Area as its base, Fuhai Group will form a development pattern that is featured by “land-sea coordination and circular radiation” and build the “Great Fuhai” economic circle and industry cluster. Development strategy for 2021-2025: Fuhai Group will make all-out efforts to implement the Bohai Bay "Greater Bay Area" strategy, that is, to establish the strategic layout that covers sea, coastal area, and inland. Centering on customer needs, the Group will integrate advantageous resources, make good use of technological innovations, and tap the advantages of new chemical materials, so as to form a development pattern that focuses on new chemical materials and is supported by terminal retails and technological research and development.