Terminal Retails
Terminal retails business include the construction and operation of wholesale and retail stores of refined oil products and that of LNG and CNG franchise stores. Now we have over 600 gas stations branded “Fuhai Energy” “F·Hai”, which spread in the 17 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across China, making us the private refining and petrochemical enterprise with the largest number of retail terminals in North China and Northwest China. Centering on customer needs, we develop the terminal retails business relying on our own systems for refining and petrochemical production, logistics and distribution, R & D and testing, quality control, and standardized operation management, which enables us to supply products of high quality at high efficiency and create premium product experience for customers. In addition, we provide a number of value-added services, such as efficient refueling service, convenient membership service (“quick refueling”) in an aim to provide better people-centered service experience for customers.
"Five-star On-site" Service
Three Commitments
Commitment to Service
And Measurement
Improved Service Experience
Process service
The overall service efficiency has been enhanced by 24% through applying the "first-asked responsibility system" and optimizing guiding identifications and processes.
Payment service
The “quick refueling” app enables quick payment and offers multiple considerate features.
Customer complaint service
The 24-hour service hotline (0086-400-0546581) is opened to facilitate communication with customers.
Value-added services
Ten free value-added services, including medical kits, glasses cleaning machine, and shoe shine machine, are provided to further improve consumer satisfaction.
Sales Network
Fuhai Energy has set up more than 600 retails terminals in 17 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions such as Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangsu and Chongqing, covering 76 cities and nearly 300 counties and districts. The company also runs six gas stations, which were built in cooperation with Shandong Expressway, located in the service area at the Taidong section along Qingdao-Lanzhou Expressway.
In the future, relying on the Group's diversified logistics services, the main focus of terminal retails business will be building a one-stop distribution service system that is centered on production bases and connects gas stations along expressways. It’s planned to build more than 1,000 gas stations by 2027 to form a more sophisticated and efficient sales network.
Create A Well-known Brand for Terminal Franchise

The company adopts the franchise cooperation mode featuring "three unification & three co-creation", namely “adopting unified brand image, unified oil supply, and unified marketing service" and “co-creating terminal brand, marketing model, and market value". Meanwhile, on the basis of mutual benefits and win-win cooperation, the company also works to further integrate the industry chain and to provide customers with more specialized planning team and overall marketing solutions, in an aim to increase the sales volume of gas stations and create a preferred franchise brand known for good image, stable quality, and whole value chain.

Marketing Support

Opening celebrations, festival promotions, joint promotions, marketing consulting, material design, and advertising

Training Support

Employee management, quality management, service management, equipment management, non-oil product management, and customized services