Aromatic Hydrocarbons
In order to bring the best out of integrated refining and petrochemical projects and expand the "refining-aromatic hydrocarbon-polyester" industry chain, Fuhai Group invested 18.6 billion yuan to build aromatic hydrocarbon projects in Dongying port. Among them, the 2 million t/a paraxylene project is the only aromatic hydrocarbon project in Shandong province that is listed in the national Planning and Layout of Petrochemical Industry, and the phase I of the project and the 2.6 million t/a heavy oil hydrocracking project have gone into production in September 2020 and achieve both the output and efficiency goals; and the 2.5 million t/a pure terephthalic acid (PTA) project (including the supporting units), as one of the key projects in Shandong province, is in a leading position in the industry in terms of safety, environmental protection, and energy consumption among other indicators due to the application of the advanced patented technologies introduced from UOP (the U.S.), BP (the UK), and the Chinese Academy of Stone Sciences and other , safety, environmental protection, and the project has been successfully put into production in December 2022, which has filled the gap in the production of PTA in Shandong province.
We’re planning to develop polyester packaging material projects in the Dongying Port New Material Industrial Park, aiming to establish an internationally leading packaging material industry. The project has been selected as a major preparatory project in Shandong province in 2022, and it is scheduled to start construction in August 2022 and put into operation in the second half of 2024.
major product
Produced by using UOP’s latest LD-Parex process and ADS-50 sorbent and the simulated moving bed technology, the products are of high purity (over 99.8%) and high stability and therefore are good raw materials for downstream PTA production plants.
Petroleum benzene
Produced by using UOP’s cyclobutyl sulfone extraction technology and sensitive plate high-efficiency separation technology, the products are of high purity (over 99.9%) and high stability and are the main raw materials for the downstream MDI, polyamide, and bisphenol A plants.
Produced by using the heat-integrated precise fractionation technology of Tianda Tianjiu, the products are of high stability and high purity (over 99.95%).
Pure terephthalic acid
Relying on BP’s advanced PTA technology and medium-temperature oxidation-based hydrorefining technology, the production process is rather advanced, with low energy consumption, small loss, reliable operability, and very high product purity that’s up to 99.98%.
Polyester bottle flakes
We produce high-end functional bottle flakes such as color bottle flakes and matt bottle flakes by using the short-process continuous polymerization and viscosification technology, which reduces the production cost and energy consumption by over 30% respectively as compared with traditional process.
Polyester sheets
We produce high-end functional ABA three-layer composite sheets such as GAG, C-PET, A-PET, foamed sheet, cold-resistant sheet, anti-fog drop sheet, and colored sheet. by technological innovation and the use of globally advanced short-process manufacturing technology, which offers a permanent anti-stick effect and reduces the production cost and energy consumption by over 80% and over 90% respectively as compared with other domestic manufacturers.
Polyester films
We produce high-end functional films such as high-barrier packaging film, optical film, off-retention film, colored off-duty film, photovoltaic backsheet film, and high-voltage insulating film. by using the globally advanced "one head and three tails" direct melting Farad film technology, which reduces the production cost and energy consumption by over 40% and over 50% respectively as compared with conventional processes.